Philosophy of Education

My decision to become a teacher is based on my love for working with children and helping them grow in their knowledge. After numerous influential teachers in elementary, middle, and high school, I wanted to make a difference in others lives just like they did for me. I would not have been inspired to participate in extracurricular academic activities had it not been for my teachers who saw the potential in me to succeed. It is my hope as a future educator to inspire my students to achieve their fullest potential and get excited about learning and succeeding both in and out of the classroom.

As a teacher, it is my number one goal to be fully involved and excited about what is going on in the classroom. During my student teaching, I made sure my classroom was a place where I am both the teacher and a student. By assuming both of these roles, my classroom became a very open environment. Students are able to learn from me and teach themselves and the class through inquiry and exploration. I loved to be a facilitator for this type of learning because it helped to prepare students for higher education. My teachers, beginning in third grade, provided this kind of experience for me and I credit them for my current success as a student and a future teacher. Through individual and group exploration, I was able to dig deeper and learn more than just the surface level information in all subject areas. This sparked my interest in many topics I otherwise probably would not have discovered as a student. As a teacher, I would love to be able to provide my students with a starting point and have them explore and report back with exciting information that truly interests them. The content knowledge that students are expected to learn can be paired with engaging activities for all grade levels.

I believe that it is important to capture the full attention of the students, or else they will not get the most out of each lesson and activity. It is easy to get caught up in simply teaching to the standards and content knowledge that is required; however, I hope to redefine education and make it a more engaging and hands-on experience. I understand it is unrealistic to hope that every child will want to learn about everything but I hope that I will be able to spark a small interest in each student in some particular subject area. I believe it is important for every child to get an education and I will stop at nothing to make sure that they get the most out of their time in the classroom. In order to do this, I will stay up to date on teaching techniques, educational technology, and all aspects of how to best connect with students in the classroom. Through such interactive activities the students will be able to test their hypotheses in science class, relive historical moments, and use manipulatives in math to fully grasp each concept. By bringing my own personal experiences into the classroom, I know it will be a more personable experience for the children which will benefit them in numerous ways.

By providing the children with as many real-life connections as possible, I believe that they will be able to grow in their knowledge and relate what is done in the classroom to their own lives. My ability to connect with children will be beneficial to my teaching experience as well. By understanding how they think and relating to them on a personal level, I know that I will be able to engage them in all aspects of education. Being a teacher requires a special kind of connection and understanding of children and I fully believe that I have that gift. Through all of my prior experiences working with children from the age of four to eighteen, I have always felt that I can understand how they are thinking and relate to them on a personal level. I also think that my ability to have fun with learning will be beneficial to my teaching experience. I had numerous teachers growing up who made sure that learning was fun and this skill has been passed on to me through them. Their enthusiasm not only inspired me to become a teacher, but to take that enthusiasm a step further and instill it in my own classroom. It is my hope that I leave this enthusiasm behind in as many students as possible, as well as fellow teachers. No matter how many successful students I have academically, I will not feel as though I have truly done my job if my students do not become excited about attending school and learning as much as they can. This passion for education is the legacy I hope to leave behind starting now as a student and continuing through all the time I spend as an educator. While this may not be a tangible legacy, I feel it is valuable because of its wide range of applicability.

It does not require every student to be a genius and understand every subject perfectly. It does not require a specific skill to be acquired by a certain time. Having a passion for education starts at a young age and is something that can be carried on for the rest of one’s life. This passion can be passed on from generation to generation to people of all walks of life. Leaving behind a legacy like this would mean the world to me because it would mean that I have touched the lives of hundreds of people in a positive way and made a difference not only in the classroom, but also in the world.